About Nokomis Savings Bank:

The Nokomis Savings Bank (originally the Nokomis Building Association) as organized May 6, 1881. In 1956, the Association changed its name to Nokomis Savings & Loan Association. In 1993, the Association changed its charter to an Illinois state chartered savings bank and changed its name to Nokomis Savings Bank.

During more than a century of service, the Nokomis Savings Bank has weathered several periods of depression suffered by our national and our local economies, always emerging financially strong. Today, that tradition of strength and service continues at our bank.

Nokomis Savings Bank is a member of the Federal Home Loan Bank, Federal Reserve Bank, Community Bankers Association of Illinois, Illinois League of Financial Institutions, and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (F.D.I.C.), which insures accounts.

Hundreds of families in Nokomis and the surrounding area have purchased or improved their homes, purchased vehicles, or have been assisted with their financial needs by the Nokomis Savings Bank. The money placed in accounts with the bank is reinvested into the community and surrounding area.

Funds deposited in savings accounts with the bank receive interest on the deposits. These dollars are available to our depositors for their use to make purchases in the community. Together, interest on deposits and funds borrowed, are put in circulation in the community and contribute to the strength of the local economy, helping to support businesses, schools, libraries, and local government entities.

Nokomis Savings Bank


  • Chairman of the Board: Roger DeWerff
  • Vice Chairman of the Board: Loren Compton
  • President/CEO/Secretary: Deborah Riley
  • Assistant¬†Secretary: Chandra Bolte
  • Treasurer: Ashley Huddleston


  • Patrick Jachino
  • Roger DeWerff
  • Loren Compton
  • Robert Berns
  • Deborah Riley
  • Charles O’Malley


  • Loan Officer/Asst. Secretary: Chandra Bolte
  • Treasurer: Ashley Huddleston
  • Asst. Treasurer: Jamie Carlock
  • Teller:¬†Janelle Jaros
  • Teller: Elda Pesch
  • Teller: Kara Gibbs