Due to reasons of security and the Privacy Act. To sign up for online banking, a login ID is created for the Primary Applicant who is filling out the form. Joint Applicants may be added as well. However, as stated on the enrollment form, each applicant must be an authorized signer on each account listed with that form. For example: If a husband and wife share some accounts but not others, the husband and the wife should sign up for separate login ID’s. If they both are on every account each one has, they may sign up jointly, with whomever is the Primary Applicant being the basis for the login ID name. Again, in example, the Joint Applicant wife may call and inquire about password changes, account additions, etc, to the Primary Applicant husband’s online account, while a wife who is not a Joint Applicant, even if she is authorized on the accounts linked to online banking, may not.