Deposit Rates as of January 8, 2019

Our rates are subject to change at any time. Please contact our office for current rates.
  • APR = Annual Percentage Rate
  • APY = Annual Percentage Yield

Account TypeInterest RateAnnual % YieldMinimum Balance To Open Acc'tMinimum Balance to Obtain A.P.Y
Money Market0.20%0.20%1$2,500.00 Ave. Bal.
Passbook Savings0.20%0.20%11
91 Day CD0.25%0.25%25002500
182 Day CD0.40%0.40%25002500
12 Month CD0.85%0.85%10001000
18 Month CD1.00%1.00%10001000
24 Month CD1.70%1.71%10001000
24 Month CD2.17%2.19%50005000
36 Month CD1.70%1.71%10001000
36 Month CD2.38%2.41%50005000
48 Month CD1.70%1.71%10001000

Certificates of Deposit

Interest rate is guaranteed during each term. Interest may be mailed at Maturity or added to the C.D. balance for another term.

Length of TimeMinimum Balance
91 Days$2,500.00
182 Days$2,500.00

Interest rate is guaranteed during each term. Interest may be compounded to the account monthly or credited and mailed monthly (if account balance is $10,000 or over), quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. There is substantcial penalty for early withdrawal on all CD’s.

Length of TimeMinimum Balance
12 Months$1,000.00
18 Months$1,000.00
24 Months$1,000.00
36 Months$1,000.00
48 Months$1,000.00

Individual Retirement Accounts

All of the above listed certificates automatically renew for a similar term at the interest rate then posted in our office. Initial rates may change at any time and there is a substantial penalty for early withdrawal.

TypeLength of TermMinimum Balance
Traditional IRA18 Months$200
Roth IRA18 Months$200
Educational IRA18 Months$200