Wire Transfers Fees
Domestic Incoming/Outgoing $20.00
International Incoming/Outgoing $55.00
Safe Deposit Box Fees: Fees
3x5 Box Rent $15.00/yr.
3x10 Box Rent $25.00/yr.
6x10 Box Rent $40.00/yr.
9x10 Box Rent $65.00/yr.
Lost Key Replacement $20.00 ea.
Drill Box: (Locksmith & Mileage Fees Extra) $25.00
Photo Copies & Faxes: Fees
Copies: 1st Page, 1 Side $.25
*Each Additional Page $.10
Fax Outgoing: 1st Page $2.00
*Each Additional Page $1.00
Fax Incoming: Each Page $1.00
Miscellaneous Loan Fees (Not Inclusive of all fees): Fees
Credit Report Fee $25.00
Minimum Interest Charges $75.00
Loan Document Fee (Consumer) $75.00
Outside Appraisals Actual Cost
Filing Fees Actual Cost
Corrected Title Fees Actual Cost
Collection Fees $150.00
Repossession Fees Actual Cost
Real Estate Document Preparation Fees
Mortgage Document Fee $350.00
Construction Loan Document $450.00
Accounts Sent for Collection $150.00
Now-MMA-Checking Savings Fees: Fees
NSF-Returned Items $30.00 ea.
Overdrafts $30.00 ea.
Stop Pay 1 Item $20.00
Stop Pays Check Number Range $40.00
Check Printing Costs Varies
Telephone Transfers $2.00 ea.
Copies of Checks $1.00 ea.
60 Days Closing Account After Opening $5.00 ea.
Accounts Sent for Collection $150.00
Miscellaneous Other Fees (Not Inclusive of All Fees): Fees
Research Fee per Hour $50.00
Letters of Credit $75.00 ea.
Account Printout per copy $2.00
Garnishments & Levies (ea. Occurance) $50.00
Auto License Sticker Fee $5.00 ea.
Account Reconciliation Fee 10/hr., Max 3 mo.
Check Cashing-Non-Customers w/ Approval (Gov't, Cashier, Money Orders Only) $5.00 ea. up to $500
> $500 to $1,000 - $10.00 ea.
> $1,000 to $1,500 - $25.00
Customers with $50.00 in Deposits No Charge
Coin Counting Fee Non-customer 5% of Total
Dormant Account Fee $3.00
Money Order Fee (Only Customers) $2.00
ATM/Debit Card Fees: Fees
Non-Customer Transactions (Withdrawals / Transfers / Inquires) $3.00
Foreign ATM Transaction $3.00
Replace Lost Card $10.00 ea.